Terms & Conditions for private room hire

Before the event


– A £40 deposit will be taken at the time of the booking and will be confirmed by email. This will cover the room hire cost on the day (if you opt for 2.5 hours)


– A minimum of 7 days’ written notice is required for cancellation of the event. Your deposit will be refunded only if 7 days notice is received and confirmed.


Written notice is required for any amendments to the number of guests or dietary requirements by midday Wednesday the week of your event. A form will be sent to you at the start of the week of the event to be filled in and sent over by email with all the information we require about the event.


Drinks and food on the day of the event

– English Breakfast tea is served with our Afternoon Teas but we are happy to include any other tea from our selection. Please click here to view the list of teas we can provide and let us know on the form (sent to you the week of the booking) if any of your guests would like an alternative. English Breakfast tea will otherwise be served.*


*The teas are unlimited so no charge is added to the bill for any additional teas.


– Coffees, milkshakes or any other drink on this list here will be charged at the menu price.

Timeline on the day of the event


– You are able to come and decorate the room if you choose to during the timings you have chosen for the room. We allow any decorations such as balloons or props but strictly do not allow confetti. Please avoid bringing many decorations for the tables as this limits the space for drinks and food. If you require additional time to decorate the room, please discuss this with us beforehand and note that this will include additional charges.


– About 15 minutes into your booking, the tea will start being served. This gives the guests enough time to all arrive. The food will then be served approximately 30 to 45 minutes into the booking. All food ordered by Wednesday midday that week, will be served and charged for, regardless of the number of guests on the day.


– A member of staff will be checking if anyone would like additional drinks or more tea throughout the event.


– Approximately 30 minutes before the event ends, please settle up your bill (cash or card) as this can take up to 30 minutes with large groups, especially if additional drinks or food have been ordered by different guests or payment needs to be taken per person. We are happy to come to the room and take payment separately for any adds on but please ensure your guests don’t pay at the till separately as this causes a queue or leaves the organiser with a sum to pay at the end for anyone who hasn’t paid their bill.


–  A 10% optional service charge is added to the bill.


– You are able to receive boxes to take any food away if you or your guests wish to upon request.


– Please ensure to let your guests know the timings of the event to ensure you are not charged for additional time (£10 per 10 minutes) as we have other events during the day and will need to promptly rearrange the room for the next event.